Hard Drives, SSDs, Flash Drives: How Long Will Your Storage Media Last?

When looking for storage media, we’re not short on good options. Whether you want large capacities, superfast performance or portability, there’s a perfect choice for you. But just how reliable are these different media? We know that CDs and DVDs don’t last forever. What about hard drives and solid state drives? How long will they[…]

Best PS4 External Hard Drives Increase Playstation 4 Storage Space 3

PS4 owners have had to deal with 500GB and 1TB hard drives coming pre-installed for some time now. However, it doesn’t take long to fill those drives up in 2018 – especially with games like Red Dead Redemption 2 asking for upwards of 100GB or more of that space alone. Half a decade into the[…]

Highpoint Releases The SSD7102 A Bootable Quad M2 PCIe X16 NVMe SSD Raid card

In the upper echelons of commercial workhouses, having access to copious amounts of local NVMe storage is more of a requirement than ‘something nice to have’. We’ve seen solutions in this space include custom FPGAs to software breakout boxes, and more recently a number of the motherboard vendors have provided PCIe x16 Quad M.2 cards[…]

Toshiba Introduces Datacenter SSDs With 64L 3D NAND

Toshiba is announcing a trio of new enterprise SSD models intended for large-scale datacenter deployments. The new CD5, XD5 and HK6-DC respectively use 2.5″ U.2, M.2 22110 and 2.5″ SATA form factors. The drives use different Toshiba controllers but share an emphasis on read-intensive workloads, with write endurance rated for less than one drive write[…]

Drive Dock With USB Type C: Two SATA Ddives Up to 981 MB/s

OWC has released its new Drive Dock external storage solution that can accommodate two hot-plug-capable HDDs or SSDs. What makes this latest drive dock particularly notable is that it uses a USB Type-C interface, so it can be used with the latest laptops. The best hdds of Viccoman VC810 and VC820 are released this week.[…]