Viking Launches VTPM NVRAM U2 Drives

Viking Technology this week released its new VT-PM-series persistent memory drives that come in 2.5-inch U.2 form-factor and support hot-swapping capability. The drives are designed for applications that require a very high performance and an unlimited endurance, such as high-performance journalling and log storage for databases and filesystems. One of the key advantage of the[…]

Gigabyte Launches Its First SSDs

Despite growing demand for SSDs in the recent years, the four leading makers of motherboards have largely stayed out of this market, despite the significant leverage they normally have with commodity products. However after all of this time, GIGABYTE has decided to try its luck and added two SSDs to its lineup of products. The[…]

Atto Connects SAS and SATA HDDs SSDs Tape Drives to Thunderbolt 3 PCs

Thunderbolt 3-enabled computers continue to gain compatibility with various exotic and special-purpose devices. ATTO this week released its ThunderLink 3128 SATA/SAS Thunderbolt 3 adapter, which can allow a Thunderbolt 3 host to connect to up to eight SAS 12 Gbps/SATA 6 Gbps drives. The device is aimed primarily at enterprise users who have equally high-grade[…]

NAND Flash Prices Will Continue to Decline as the Slight Oversupply Continues in 2Q18

The NAND Flash market has witnessed a slight oversupply in 1Q18. The growth momentum remains weak in 2Q18 although the demand increases, according to DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce. It is expected that the slight oversupply in NAND Flash market will remain and the prices will continue to decline. In the 2H18, the overall demand will increase[…]

NVMe Will Oust SCSI by 2020

TORONTO — It wasn’t long ago that flash storage was reserved for high-demand data only. Now all-flash array adoption is not only outpacing hybrid arrays, but those with NVMe look to be rapidly hitting the mainstream. Tegile Systems is putting its stake in the ground with what it said is the first unified all-NVMe array on the[…]