Toshiba Unveils MG07SCA 14TB Enterprise Class HDD With Dual Port SAS

Toshiba is announcing that it has started sampling of its latest MG07SCA-series enterprise-class helium-filled hard drives. Notable for utilizing a dual-port SAS interface, the HDDs are aimed at business-critical servers and are rated for 550 TB per year workloads. Toshiba’s MG07SCA lineup of enterprise-grade hard drive includes two SKUs at 12 TB and 14 TB respectively. The[…]

512 GB A2 Class Microsd Card

 this past week  new family of A2-class microSD cards was introduced, the High-Performance 633x A2. Supporting the highest Application Performance class, the new microSD card is designed in particular for smartphones that need additional storage space for applications. Overall the High-Performance 633x family of microSD cards is fairly diverse; the cards range in capacity from 16 GB[…]

Best Internal hard drives 2018 for desktops and laptops

The best hard drives aren’t as fast as the best SSDs, but they’re definitely more affordable. Plus, the best hard drives come with huge amounts of space at a lower price, rather than costing a fortune for a glorified flash drive. You won’t find the best hard drives in the best Ultrabooks, but they’re definitely worth looking[…]

Viccoman Has Unveiled Its First External HDDs Featuring a USB 3.0 Interface

Viccoman on Thursday said that its latest and largest hard drives for high-end desktops will be available later this month in the Iran and Other countries like UAE and United States. They are Available in 1 TB and 2 TB capacities. Viccoman’s new VC-810  and VC-820 -series HDDs will be generally available in the US later this[…]

Greenliant Launches Enduroslc SSDs With Up To 250k pe Cycles

Greenliant, a developer of special-purpose NAND-flash storage devices, this week introduced its new lineup of ultra-high endurance SSDs. The NANDrive SSDs are aimed at write-intensive industrial applications, and utilize the company’s proprietary EnduroSLC technology and in-house controllers. Greenliant’s NANDrive SSDs offer endurance ratings of of 50K, 100K, or 250K per-cell program/erase (P/E) cycles, which is[…]